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Judith Lautner

From Rod's journal

Rod is a man who has taken it upon himself to help a 13-year-old Ethiopian street child. He has been working for months to rescue him from Addis Ababa and bring him to Albania. Presently he is struggling with gaining additional entrance visas, changing airplane tickets, and dealing with other delays. Rod has asked that we journalers write about his work to raise awareness. He believes that if a great many people know of Alex's plight this "press" will help save him from the streets. Rod writes:

Alex ~ Road to Freedom is about a 13 year old Ethiopian Street Child who has been rescued from the streets of Addis Ababa. His life expectancy was low, perhaps another 12 months when he was taken in by our family who made the commitment to adopt him. It is not a glamorous thing. Alex is not a baby, he is not 'cute', he has a scar on his face and has lived a rough life. He has emotional and psychological scars that will take time to heal and be repaired.

Two weeks ago the adoption was legally finalized and Alex celebrated his first ever birthday. In 13 years he NEVER had a birthday. Now he does! A happy ending? Well not yet!

Read Rod's blog to get the updates on his struggle and to help where you can.

Above - May 20th - Day of the Orphan in Albania ~ ironic. Celebrating Albanians orphans.

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