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Visiting others

Today's suggestion over at 2k Bloggers is to write comments in our own journals about articles in others' journals. This means reading posts in other journals! Livejournalers consider it a matter of courtesy to do this regularly, and I know I fail the social test because my reading of other journals is so sporadic. I decided it is time to change this behavior and went out hunting. My first foray brought up treasure:

Oh the joy in discovering thinkers out there, thinkers who are saying what I'm thinking and more, and saying it better than I do. One of these folks is James Kunstler, author of a few books and keeper of the Clusterfuck Nation blog. Well, yeah, I visited the blog because of the name. Lucky for me it wasn't all haha. Although the man does have a sense of humor.

The article that caught my fancy is today's post, "Rigged to Blow". In it he notes that we Americans are living obliviously on borrowed time because our transportation system, heavily dependent on roads and personal vehicles and oil, is going to implode. And we will wonder what the f**k happened. True, he's hardly the first to make such comments. But he makes his case so beautifully that it is worth reading. Intrigued by this guy I had never heard of before I went to his main website, where I found a review he had written on a book called "Sprawl". He takes the authors to task for drawing false conclusions from questionable statistics. I have read other reviews of this book that came to the same place, mostly in planning magazines. But again, this one is so well-written it's worth a look. Also, reviews like this rarely make it to the mainstream. We are more likely to see a lightweight article extolling the book, saying it's okay, folks, to sprawl forever! This book proves it. Which, of course, it doesn't. The concept reminds me of the economic theory that we will grow forever, which I have always thought insane.


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