Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Calling all friendly bloggers and livejournalers! And anyone else! Rent this space!

I am offering a place here for a guest post. I am figuring I will do this once a week if it catches on. If you want to reach my incredible (it may be small but it's still incredible) audience, or if you are a member of that incredible audience (how could you not be? You are reading this), you can! Let me know if you'd like to post an article here.

It can be on any topic. I reserve the right to fix spelling and grammatical errors. Otherwise I will simply introduce you (give me a few words) and insert your post. You can even write about something I do not believe in or that I disagree with!

Just reply to this post or send me your info - judith at livejournal dot com.
Tags: guest posts

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