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My trip to Los Angeles was to meet up with a group of students and their leaders from the Netherlands (Amsterdam), from a special design school, who came to California to visit as many Lautner buildings as possible in about ten days. The two leaders of the pack did an extraordinary job of finding Lautner buildings, contacting owners, arranging to visit, and scheduling their visit. They saw almost 60 buildings in those days, which has to be some sort of record. When they were unable to gain permission (or reach the owner) to enter, still they drove by, took pictures, saw what they could, and sometimes were able to find someone on-site who would let them in.

I joined them for just a day and a half. One of the places we saw during my time was a small jewel on Mulholland Drive, designed in 1946, the year of my birth, and built in 1948. The owner has been working furiously to bring it back to its original glory. It sat for over 50 years essentially hiding in wait while its previous owner did other things. Fortunately, that owner loved the building. He bought up land around it to protect its views, which have to be the most spectacular views in that city. He didn't do much to maintain the house but neither did he destroy it. And now his nephew, its current owner, is lovingly bringing it back and is delighted to share it with others.

This present owner offered it to me and my sister Karol to stay any time we like. I immediately took him up on his offer, and stayed there Saturday night. What a pleasure! Here are a few photos that just hint at it.

Approaching the entrance

"Rear" of house - bedroom end. Pool house is at right of pool.

View through living room slanted windows to patio and beyond.

The house is about 1,000 s.f. and contains one bedroom. An additional bedroom is attached to the garage. That room will include its own bathroom and is separate from the main house. So this "guest house" has a "guest bedroom" of its own. It is not clear to me what the guest house was to be a guest house for - no main house was built or planned.

I hope to share more of this house and others over time.

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