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It's too bad I did not start posting about my house replacement early on, with details. At first it seemed simple and I wanted to write about it as a done deed, not something I was dreaming about, and certainly not something I am suffering through. Unfortunately, it has become that last, and the dreams are on hold.

Yesterday I called a lawyer referral center and left my name and phone number. They are supposed to call me back to set up an appointment within 24 hours. But they haven't, yet. I suppose I will have to call them again.

I also called the person at the sales office, Mike, who is responsible for getting park approvals. We had a nice conversation. He told me that he had been working with our on-site manager, Matt, because Matt told him that if he were to contact the management company directly they would get upset about it. So he gave Matt the documents that the company wanted and assumed that Matt was forwarding them to the management company. Maybe he was. It's entirely possible. After Mike got the letter from down south, however, he decided to go the direct route. He gathered the documents once again and sent them to that office certified mail. Excellent. He got the return receipt recently, verifying that the company received the materials on April 19.

He also faxed copies to Matt so that he would know what he has sent. Excellent. I think I can get along with Mike.

Addendum: The lawyer referral service called. The woman asked me a lot of questions about my situation and was unable to come up with a referral. She said all of the lawyers she works with specialize in homeowners' associations or cases where the home owner also owns the land. Which strikes me as a bit odd, but whatever. She did give me the name and number of a lawyer who works with HOAs in parks, saying it wasn't a "referral" but he might be able to help or to offer another name. She mentioned that my not having a copy of the park rules and regs could be a problem, so I just now wrote to our on-site manager to ask for another copy. I have asked before and he has promised one but I haven't gotten it. Maybe this time.
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