Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

more on the mobile home...

It has been two weeks since I sent the letter to the park management company asking about their requirements for my mobile home replacement and enclosing another copy of the landscape plan. In that letter I asked that they contact me directly and immediately if anything is missing. I have heard nothing.

I have been thinking about what I can use to get them to move. I looked into the California state mobilehome ombudsman. That position does not deal with this type concern, I learned. While I was on the state site, though, I downloaded a copy of the mobilehome park regulations and scrolled through a lot of that document. In it I found that parks are responsible for maintaining driveways except for those driveways that are installed by the tenant. I saved that page separately so that I can attach it to my next letter. I did not find anything that said that there were exceptions to this requirement for tenants who are replacing their homes. So that was one good thing.

Then I went on a hunt for legal services and finally settled on a county legal service that offers half-hour consultations for $30. That sounds good to me. I have the number and the hours of operation. I can call tomorrow morning and set an appointment. I really feel I need to talk to someone about what legal options I have in this case.

I would rather be perusing catalogs of furniture and gazing at accessories and working out how to fit things in my new space.But I feel I need to put that on hold.
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