Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Earth Day 2007!!

It has been a long time since Earth Day was really noticed. I remember going to various fairs and other events to celebrate it but that was oh so long ago. Lately I've been like others, appreciating it but not doing anything special.

Now, though, a great many of us are aware of the damage we are doing to this earth and are taking steps to minimize that damage.

One of the harder things to do is to get merchants to stop throwing plastic bags at us. I went into Taco Bell yesterday (a rare event) and ordered some rice. I said I would eat it there. But the guy came out from the kitchen with the rice already in a plastic bag. I should have just taken it out and handed the bag back but I took it instead. Still, I was aware of it, thinking of it, and deciding that I will do better next time. Of course fast food joints are impossible in the disposable container department anyway. I could never have given them a bowl to put the rice into, for example. I had to take the styrofoam one. So it's a good thing I don't go to these places very often.

I will not drive today. That's one thing I can do. Is there anything you are doing to recognize the fragile state of our earth?

I also offer this direct link to reusablebags.com, to encourage others to use these wonderful products to save money, save veggies and fruits, reduce our impact:

THIS time I actually am an affiliate. So if you order anything through that link I will get a small cut of it. My primary motivation for becoming an affililate is that I love the products and want to share that love, and I also want to use this affiliation to order from there myself, thereby getting a discount. Because only my friends visit this journal, I am offering the same to you: order through that link and I'll refund my ten percent or whatever it is to you! (You will have to send me your address, though.)

Reusablebags.com uses shareasale.com for affiliates. If you have a web site or two you can get an account with shareasale.com and become an affiliate with any number of businesses. One account, several affiliations. Convenient. It takes a little more to go through the process than usual for an affiliate but I figure it's worth it when it's done. But I lost track. What I meant to say is that shareasale.com is recognizing earth day by pledging $5,000 to carbonfund.org. Excellent, I say. That would be one way to help. There are so many organizations we can give our money to, and we should, we should, but it will never be enough just to send money.
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