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The couple

On my way home from Los Angeles last Thursday I stopped in the little town of Los Olivos. The town is off route 154, known as San Marcos Pass. I usually take this route when heading south, to shave about 15 miles off the trip and to take in the beauty of this road. Los Olivos is a little town that is starting to cater to tourists by maintaining its old-days charm. The main downtown contains many old buildings, along with newer ones built in a similar style (but obviously new). There are cafes, antique shops, and wine tasting shops. I don't know if I have seen as many wine tasting places all together in one place before.

I settled on a cafe that had an outdoor seating area. While I was eating lunch I noticed this couple:

The man on the phone: "...Okay, what have we got on Frontier? uh huh...Let's take that one, then, the window seat...." He included the person on the line in his phrasing, as if he or she would be on the plane with him. The woman was jotting down details, her expression indicating what she thought of this guy. I noticed her breasts and his self-importance. So I set my camera on my table and casually clicked the shutter.
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