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I saw a very positive optometrist today. I thought the last one was overly positive, the way he'd mention something that was wrong and say "no big deal" or "nothing to worry about", but this one went beyond that. He practically applauded everything I did. I put my chin on the chin rest and pressed my forehead against the forehead thingie and looked sideways and up and down and he would say "Perfect!" "A+" "Excellent!" Then when it was all done he said I was lucky because I'm nearsighted. He said that if I live to be 99 I will still be able to read without my glasses. I laughed because that was something I did worry about, a little. I have caught myself thinking, "What if the time comes when I need glasses to read?" I always take them off now and it's so much more comfortable that way.

He asked if I had any questions. I said, well, I was wondering if there would be any benefit to my having lasik surgery. He said no, I would just be trading one set of problems for another, and I would need glasses to read. That settles that one.

He mentioned that I do have cataracts, but so slight they are no issue, just something to keep an eye on. Everything else looks "Great!" "Super!" "Couldn't be better!".

I went to Costco for the eye exam. The optometrist is independent - you don't need a Costco card to see him - but if you purchase glasses there you do need the card. I went ahead and ordered glasses. I asked if I could get my present frames filled with the new prescription and the woman said not there, that I would have to go back to the place where I got them because they don't have the equipment for making the lenses fit these frames. Too bad. But that's what I'll do. I'll go back and find out what it will cost.

All in all a good experience and I'm glad I did it.


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