Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

No-Impact Month

I have been thinking about Mr. Beavan and his family and their "No Impact Year". There's a book in it for Mr. Beavan, which seems quite an incentive. I think, though, that something like this, a limited-time experiment, can be an incentive to many of us to make some changes and maybe discover some things and have a good time at it.

So I'm planning on a No-Impact Month. Frankly, I don't know when I'll start it. If I have to move out during that time all bets are off. But maybe I could start it and be interrupted and complete it later, or just abort it and start again another time.

I'll need some guidelines.

- No car use - but what about public transportation? The other family doesn't use anything powered by fossil fuel but maybe I will
- No paper use - can I get along without TP? As that family does?
- No shopping for anything except food, and that food must be grown within - 250 miles? - of here. Would that work? And no purchase of anything packaged. Except...what about rice?
- How about power?

My knees are no good on a bike right now so I might go for the bus or walking.

I'm thinking more Light-Impact Month already. Making compromises. It seems, though, that just going without the car is a biggie. Here, anyway, where public transportation is 15 minutes away and four times an hour when I'm lucky, stores are fifteen to twenty minutes' walk away.

I'm working on it. I like the idea of a challenge with an end.
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