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I haven't done anything resembling serious cleaning in this house in so long I don't remember. I have vacuumed and washed the kitchen floor but little else. Today I started on some windows. Washed the inside - even with dirty outsides they look better - and I took down one set of tag-top curtains and put them in the wash. They were full of spider webs on the side facing the window. Yesterday I washed the shower curtain, which was looking so unbelievably horrible that I couldn't let it go another day. Each day I had said to myself, "What does it matter? I'm leaving it all behind", but all the delays I have experienced with the house replacement have reminded me that the goal is to live each day right now and not live in the future.

I continue to run into things that ask the question, "Why are you keeping me?" and I throw them out or put them in the goodwill pile. There isn't much right now that is suitable for freecycle. I often wonder when a person offers a thing like a three-ring notebook on freecycle. Is anyone so hard up they will drive - using gas - to someone else's place to pick up such an item? I tend to offer only things I think a person would feel are worth coming out for.

I am seriously considering offering my television when I move. It's nearly new and nice but so heavy! But am I ready to pay $1000 or more for a flat screen? There are a lot of other things I can get for that $1000. Still. The thought of hanging it on a wall or placing it on a small table...tempting, tempting. For now, though, no. Later.

Speaking of the new house. Yesterday I got a catalog in the mail from Eurway. I had not heard of this furniture store before. It's terrific! Modernist-style furnishings for really reasonable prices. The main worry I have is the shipping cost. The only stores they have are in Texas and one in some other state. When I know I will have a new house I can find out if shipping is going to be impossible in cost. It's really a similar situation with Ikea, except that I can rent a van or truck in Burbank and haul that stuff up and that would be reasonable, I'd think. Come to think of it maybe it would be possible to do the same thing in Texas. Fly Southwest, rent a truck.

For someone who had very little sleep last night - another bad dream - a man was going to kill me, I ran and hid, and felt sure he'd find me - I am doing surprisingly well. I'm sure I'll crash a little later. But for now, run with the unexpected enthusiasm, I say.


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Apr. 8th, 2007 06:07 pm (UTC)
Oh, boy, do I understand. I hate my current place so much -- I don't want to clean it, I just want to move. But then I realize that I'm kinda living in squalor.

Flatscreens have gotten VERY cheap -- as long as you don't also want HD. There are some good sized ones in the $300 range now.

There's an IKEA 35 miles from me, so if you are gonna do that, plan on the one in Austin :)
Apr. 8th, 2007 06:38 pm (UTC)
I don't recall there being one of those Eurway stores in Austin. If there were, I could do a trek to both stores! That'd seem to be worth while - and I could visit you, too. IF not, though, the Ikea closest to me is about 200 miles south, which isn't that awful.

I don't "kinda live in squalor". I do live in squalor. Many things are broken, sagging, deteriorated, water-damaged. The house cants to one side by about a half-inch, as I recall. Not something that is that noticeable except when one is trying to keep a toilet level so it doesn't leak. Some floors are so damaged it's unspeakable, including a part of the utility room where the floor sinks. I do not want to find out what's under that. And my bedroom floor had an issue a few years back when the bed broke through the floor. There is now a piece of plywood over that spot. I could go on but this is enough to show the motivation I have for getting a new house.

The question of high def...I could scope out the look of the ones at costco. I am usually willing to live with things that are not top of the line because I'm just not that picky. I just want things that are a decent value.

Anyway, for now I'm glad I'm feeling perky.
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