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A few months ago my daughters talked me into creating a myspace page. I did not want to do it because I see it as a gathering place for mindless chatterers. But I finally created a plain jane page and added a couple of pix. What was more fun was creating a page for my insane cat, Temp, which I did just the other day. I haven't done a lot with that page either but I feel it has greater promise than my own does.

Today Mary said she has been trying to delete her myspace account but has been unable to do so. She is tired of being "found" by people she knew once upon a time. As she puts it, there is a reason they no longer are in contact. She doesn't want to deal with the endless stream of people who knew her when or think she's pretty and want to know her now.

I don't have that problem. People who seek me out tend to be idiots who want some sort of warm and fuzzy woman in their lives. If they only knew. No fuzziness here. People I knew once - there weren't many of those. I don't need a myspace page to find them, anyway. However, today I was working on my "living trust" and some things struck me. The trust program (Quicken Willmaker Plus) asks for backup people. People who would take over the trust if my beneficiaries are unable or unwilling to do so. And people who can decide if I have become incapacitated to the point where a trustee needs to manage my affairs. There sure aren't many of those in my life, and I could come up with only one who is not a relative.

At times I regret that I have so few friends. But I am by nature such a recluse that I have no interest in spending time on the phone to a bunch of friends. I do still have that dream of having friends come over to talk at the kitchen table from time to time, and of going to their place to sit and talk. But even that seems often like an intrusion into my life. What would make it different? I don't know.

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