Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Weed whack weekday

I did get out there to hit the weeds this morning. Late. And it isn't done yet. I am recording the changes on my camera, which is set up on a tripod across the street. Yeah, my new lovely tripod. Unfortunately, only one green waste container is available and it's full. Someone has the others. Really annoying. I don't want to put that in the dumpster. It makes me ill to do that.

The lack of sleep has made me groggy and headachey. I am surprised, though, at how well other parts of my body are doing. My knees in particular. My back hurts a little, but I attribute that more to my weight than anything else.  Because of the headache and back ache I took a couple of tylenol arthritis tablets just now. It's hot out there, too.
Tags: headache, house

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