Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Bank by phone

Today I got a call from the place where I rent storage units. The guy asked about the $10 check that he had received when I owed them quite a bit more. I told him that I had sent a larger check earlier, then discovered that it was ten bucks short, so I sent the smaller one. He didn't get the larger one.

I sent both checks through the bill pay service with my bank. I find it a lot easier to keep track of payments and to write checks when I use this service, but of course there are the vicissitudes of the mail delivery service that cannot be addressed by the bank. I don't know if the check arrived and the storage place misplaced it or if it is still in the mail. So I decided to call the bank.

I really do not enjoy calling the bank. I don't enjoy calling any place of business, actually, or just about anyone else. I am not phone-phobic but may be close to it. But I do what I need to do. I got the electronic response.

Sometimes I prefer to get the robot speaker. I don't really want to talk to a live person. Today I knew I would eventually be talking to someone live so I was a little impatient with all the number-punching I had to do. I often wonder about people who are not as adept with numbers and keypads as I am. Got to be a nightmare for them. It's bad enough for me.

I punched in buttons until I got to the right place, and entered my checking account number when asked. Then they asked for my "telephone access code" and said that if I did not have one to enter the last four digits of my social security number. I entered the SS# digits. Then it asked if I wanted to keep that code or create a new one. I punched one to indicate I wanted to create a new one.  I entered a new code and the pound sign. It said for security reasons to enter the security code again (and the pound sign) so I entered that same code. It did not recognize it. We went through this scene again, and again it did not recognize the code the second time in. I decided it probably wanted the first code, the SS# digits, the second time. So the third time I entered those. And it still didn't recognize it. At this point I just hung up. I can go no further.

Perhaps there is an out in that rapidspeak message at the beginning. Maybe it says to just hang on and a real person will pick up. That's what I should have done.

When this sort of thing happens to me it can be days before I try again.

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