Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

saying goodby to NYC

I leave New York today at 5:20 pm. I feel some sadness for opportunities I did not take, but I feel I have been realistic. I love that I took a trip to Greenwich Village on my own and spent a little time just enjoying it there. I have also thought of other neighborhoods I want to explore: Spanish Harlem, the Bronx - parts of the Bronx, anyway. I have been to both places before but not on foot - on a bike. I hope to come back and take a look at other places.

At the same time, I remember what I thought when my stepmother Elizabeth died: that she had no need to see more of the same, that she had seen what she wanted, done what she could, and she was ready. I am not saying I'm ready to die but I understand this feeling. After a while it isn't necessary to "be there" or "go there".

A funny thing. I have taken my cameras with me many times and I have gotten a few images I like, most because they will remind me of this place. My favorite, though, might have been taken just about anywhere:

plastic bag stuck in tree
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