Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Balmy in NY

The snow is melting. After several days of watching the snow get dirtier I finally get to see it melt. It's a balmy 41 days today and it feels like spring.

I walked the pup at about nine, choosing to make the short hike to the Washington Mutual bank for cash. I wanted to be sure I had enough to pay for laundry, which I needed to send out. On my way to the bank I saw tables in front of a restaurant, on the sidewalk, under a tarp-like roof. I thought I'd stop on the way back to the apartment and get some fresh breakfast.

I sat at one of the tables, securing the doggie to the center post, and perused the menu. Huge menu, so many choices. But nobody came out to take my order. I wasn't going to leave Floyd tied to the post while I went inside to order, so I left. So sad! Wanted that breakfast!

This aft I frantically searched the apartment for the phone number for the laundry. I wanted my pile picked up. I finally gave up and decided this would be a good time to test the pup. I put on my jacket, grabbed the laundry, and hauled it downstairs, leaving Floyed with a greenie for company. Emboldened, as is the enemy, according to George W. Bush, after dropping off the laundry I stopped in the little grocery nearby and bought some juice and snacks. I felt the taste of freedom.

Back up the stairs with my loot. I opened the apartment door to find Floyd there waiting, wagging his tail. He did not seem distressed about my absence, although clearly he wanted to have come with me. Now I know I can make these short trips. Perhaps I won't continue to have those strange cravings for things I cannot have, now that I can in fact have them.
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