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At the suggestion of the tender of the 2000 Bloggers community, I visited the blog of one of the members. He looked quite straight-laced and "ordinary" and I wondered if there might be more than meets the eye. But in fact there wasn't. He turned out to be a realtor and his blog was about his home town, full of pictures and recommendations. Clearly he loves his little town as much as I love the one I live in, but he couldn't really get me interested. For those of us who love where we live, though, what would it take to change our allegiance? I have no difficulty "adopting" other towns when I work there or visit but when I simply read about them they leave me cold. What would I have to do to draw someone in, to make someone say "I really want to go there"?

Oh, by the way, yeah, I'm a member of the 2000 Bloggers. You can be too...there is still room...
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