Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Morning in New York

Today opened cold. Twelve degrees, with warnings. Warnings that the wind-chill factor would reduce the apparent temp to zero. I bundled up, figuring we would take a very short walk this morning.

It didn't seem all that cold. Yes, my face felt brittley cold, but it has been like that anyway. I could use a scarf that I wrap around my mouth. I think I was layered sufficiently and the wind had not yet started, not here anyway.

As we turned the corner I saw that the recycling bags had still not been picked up. I have noticed that recycling pickups where I live in San Luis Obispo are not always consistent, and it appears that's true here in New York as well. Those bags have been out there for several days. Fortunately, they appear to contain clean enough material that stray dogs (where are the strays? I never see any) do not break into them. But they are a distraction for the pup I walk. They lean against the posts he might like to pee on and they offer items of interest that he wants to investigate.

We went around our favorite block (Floyd definitely has a preference) and as we turned the corner and headed down 81st Street I saw two people pulling luggage. I see people every day dragging luggage behind them and I wonder about it. Do they drag them to the subway or to the bus stop to avoid taxi fares? Are they tourist, business travelers, or maybe mostly New Yorkers? I am suspecting the latter, because New Yorkers know their way around, are used to the transportation systems, know when it's going to be a good time to get on the subway or bus, and I can imagine that many of them want to save money. 

Are they going to the Bahamas? No. They'd take a cab. How about Washington, Connecticut, or somewhere warm? Maybe.

There are many people who haul lots of things along the streets every day. It makes my arms ache just to look at them.
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