Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

New York, New York

I've been in NYC since last Thursday night, midnight. Joey had been here since Tuesday and was having a good time with Elaine and Ed - making robots, visiting FAO Schwartz, and more. Yesterday the three of them went to see the statue of liberty, ground zero, and the empire state building. I had done two of the three before, and felt my knees wouldn't thank me if I did them again, so I stayed back at the apartment with the doggie. There was another reason, too. I had left my jacket in Mary's car and needed to replace it. The temperature is bracing. By the time I got to Filene's Basement, about two blocks from the apartment, I had decided that I would buy anything that fit. Which I did, but it wasn't a drastic situation. There were several nice jackets and the one I chose is simple, a man's jacket, and thin so I can wear sweaters under it if I need to, and it was cheap.

Today Joey was scheduled to leave at 12:30. He travels on standby, because his dad is a Southwest employee. But standby is standby, and today he did not get on. Fortunately I opted out of the trip to the airport as well, because otherwise I would still be there now. The three of them are hanging around the terminal, looking in the shops, having coffee, until the 6:30 flight, which looks good for standbys. But again, who knows?

I have been napping, having snacks, reading. And I spent an hour in chat with an Earthlink customer rep. I have been paying full price for dialup service with earthlink since 1999...$21.99 a month. Yet these days I never use the dialup. However, I liked having the email and especially I wanted Mary to have a consistent email address. So I asked the rep if I could just pay for emails instead of the whole thing.

Over the course of an hour the rep downgraded my account but said there is no way to get a refund on what I already paid for this month, which I think is crap. I had asked to make the changes effective march so I could complete the month but this person, A Felton, doesn't read. I have it in writing, this chat session, so I can point to where I said that, not once but twice. But A Felton just had a mission and completed it in a speedy hour. I asked if I could just do this myself but A Felton didn't seem to hear that either. I am sure I could have done it and gotten my money's worth. I really hate live chat help most of the time. It's a lot like telephone help and I tend to get the same kind of results. Techs who do not read or do not listen.

But anyway! The end result is that I am now about to save about $19 a month. So it was worth it. Little trickles here and there are going to help me pay down my debt and make the payments on my new house - if I ever get it.

As for New York! I do have some fun stuff planned. Next Monday E & E and I are going to see Stephen Colbert live, assuming we get in. I have the tickets but they are not guaranteed. We have to get in line long before the show and it's first-come-first-served. On Valentine's day I'll be at Symphony Space, enjoying a Selected Shorts program. On Feb 26 E & E and I will see Jon Stewart - the Daily Show. Other than these things I figure I'll take in what I feel up for. So far my knees are not doing particularly well. But I will keep up with the arthritis exercises and the supplements and try to stick to the diet as best I can, and maybe I will see some improvement over the time I am here. Speaking of which, it is time to take the pup for a walk...

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