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I have started another blog - on my life with arthritis. More specifically, it is about how I try to combat the effects of arthritis. Currently, I am documenting the effects of following a program developed by Dr. Vijay Vad and set out in his book, Arthritis Rx.  I am in my first week of following this program but am very hopeful about it.

A great deal of the difficulty I have faced with arthritis is knowing just what to do about it. There is a lot of advice but much of it is fairly general : take glucosamine; try yoga; try accupuncture; avoid pro-inflammatory foods. I would try one or another of these things but didn't know how much or for how long or what effects I should expect and by when. This book is a treasure in that it offers guidance in diet, exercise, and supplements that is clear and easy to follow.

I am already most of the way there to an anti-inflammatory diet. Mostly I have to avoid a few foods that I like, but there isn't anything impossible there. I just have to be a bit more conscientious.

I have found the supplements and there isn't any big mystery there, too, because he says how much of each to take and describes the effects of each.

The best part, though, is the exercises. These he developed specifically for arthritis sufferers. They are based on yoga and pilates but avoid the dangerous moves and modify others so that we can actually do them. As you might expect, deep breathing is a significant part of the exercise program. I have done the first set of exercises twice now and am delighted that there is no boring repetition and by the end I tend to notice a reduction in pain just from the breathing. These sets do not take long, either.

The blog is a way to track my progress in this program and any other I undertake. It's easier to set it out in its own home rather than intertwine those posts with these. If the subject interests you, you can find me and my arthritis here.



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