Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Internet Explorer 7 possible issue

I have encountered an odd problem since I upgraded to Internet Explorer 7. Frequently, the first time I go to the web, I can't get to my home page. When I refresh, the page shows up. Similarly, often when I click on a link in an email, thereby opening IE, the page often is not found. Again, if I refresh, it works. It seems like the problem is related to opening IE.

I have just begun to explore the possible problem. I went to the Microsoft IE support page and read this question and answer:

Q. My favorite websites don't load correctly, or don't seem to work at all in Internet Explorer 7. What should I do?
A.If you encounter a site which does not recognize Internet Explorer 7, a new tool known as the User Agent String Utility has been created to help you work around the problem. The utility comes in the form of a small executable that opens an Internet Explorer 7 instance that emulates Internet Explorer 6 by sending the Internet Explorer 6 user agent string. It also provides a mechanism for you to report problem web sites to Microsoft so that we can follow up with the affected site owners. Download the tool here.

Of course this question does not define my particular problem. I quote the answer, nevertheless, because of the way it's written. An IT person would have no trouble with it and I can work it out, but most people would get thrown almost at the start.

"The utility..."

Stop right there. A LOT of people don't understand what "a utility" is.

"...comes in the form of a small executable.."

Holy s**t. A small "executable"? Criminy. Couldn't they have written "a small program", for example?

"...opens an Internet Explorer instance that emulates Internet Explorer 6..."

In other words, it makes IE7 act like IE6? Why not just say that?

"...sending the Internet Explorer 6 user agent string. .."

user agent string? Is a typical person going to get that??

It is because of answers like this that I find it frustrating to plow through help files. However, I will be investigating this issue and seeing if there is an answer - or if the problem is, instead, on my end.

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