Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

My babies

The wind is howling outside. More specifically, of course, the trees make most of the noise. It's windy but no rain. And my kitties, Bullet and Stretch, are out there.

I brought a new kitty into the fold a week ago and Bullet and Stretch are shunning me because of it. Bullet has come inside a few times but Stretch won't even come near me. I swear he is giving me looks that could kill. I had no idea they would react in this way. I know it's always tough adjusting to a new cat but usually that adjustment happens inside the house. I am hoping these two find their way inside again and that Stretch, in particular, forgives me!

The new kitty, with the whole house to play with, has adjusted with no problem at all.
Tags: cats

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