Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Slug central

As has become my habit, I am sitting at my computer in my nightshirt. Some days I don't actually get dressed until noon or after. That doesn't mean I do nothing, but it's damned close. I work on various web sites, I read email and respond, and I read. That's the usual. Sometimes I do some exploring or working on various other types of projects.

Then of course there's cat time. Stretch likes to jump in my lap and settle down while I am at the computer. Or on the couch. Bullet will often lie down near my feet. He's never been one to get too close too often, but it's clear he wants to be near me. He also seems to be having some older-age issues. Jumping up is not as easy for him as it used to be.  I like to reach down and touch him. He always yells at me when I do that but I swear it's just his way of talking. He isn't mad at me.
Tags: cats

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