Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

the joy of scouting

I have been reading a book on nature photography, in which the term "scouting" is used. One scouts for good subjects. I have spent quite a bit of time scouting around here, but didn't call it that because I thought of it as finding something to photograph. I didn't think of it as finding something and then remembering it for a later time. So I often came home feeling a bit like a failure because I didn't actually take any pictures on those expeditions. Now that I call it scouting, though, no failure me.

Today I went scouting. Late afternoon is a good time for light, so I wanted to see what some different subjects looked like then. Because of the hills around San Luis Obispo, I often find that the late afternoon sun just misses what could be a gorgeous location. Today I went to check out Cal Poly's various side roads. I went to the arboretum and plant shop, almost bought some plants but thought how silly, what with my moving out and all, then I went to the poly market, a little market that sells poly-made products as well as the usual staples students need to survive. I hadn't been in there since before it was remodeled a few years ago.

It now features a cool deli with soups, sandwiches, pizza, and a refrigerated case with some great-looking wraps, and, of course, poly cheeses, jams, plants. I bought three different types of cheese, some cal poly chocolate bars and a few other items and left well-satisfied. From there I drove on some new roads that lead up and around new dorms. So close up against the hills - I bet a lot of students take off up the hillside on off times, just exploring. I know I would have.

I did not find ideal locations to photograph but I always feel stimulated by the activity at the college, and I was pleased to find all the plants in the plant shop. I want to go back after my new home is installed and pick up some for the house.
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