Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I plan to enjoy my alone Thanksgiving, but I did give in to having some sort of menu, for which I shopped today. I'm trying a new minestrone soup, will have salad with that, and wine (I bought three bottles - but I won't be drinking them all tomorrow!), and then I'll make a pumpkin cheesecake that calls for beating cream cheese. I realized today that I had packed some things too soon. My lovely little beater,for example, is hidden in some box in the storage building. So I went out for a $10 beater. I can always donate it later. I also realized I probably have enough ingredients to make two cheesecakes, so I figure I will, and  will offer one to my neighbors.Two guys who probably won't have a big celebration either.
Tags: food

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