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Sunday in LV

I have been having a nice time in LV. The weather is very nice and we are not rushing around like maniacs. Yesterday was Joey's last regular flag football game, so we went to see it and took pictures. I could see a real improvement over the time I watched them practice when I was here last. I have to admire the coaches, who come out time and time again to do this, are not paid anything, and keep a mostly positive attitude. There are so many football teams that play in this big field! The games just keep going.

Earlier yesterday Mary and i went to her gym. It's a nearly new large gym that has it all. Huge rooms with tons of equipment, the latest of everything, swimming lanes (oddly, not as many as there are in pismo but the gym in open 24 hours and I guess swimming doesn't rate as highly as other things here), saunas and steam baths, and locker rooms that actually have private changing rooms. The treadmills and bikes have individual television monitors mounted on them, allowing the user to change channels and wear ear phones. A running track that goes all the way around the upper floor, even bridging an area below, quite cool. It's hard to imagine wanting more, and all this for $21 per month. While gyms are popular everywhere, though, I bet they are used more here because a lot of people depend on them to keep them in shape for their jobs. Serious business.

I swam my usual no. of laps, but oddly the water felt heavier, like molasses. I felt like I was really straining. I don't think it took me any longer, though,and the depth of the water is the same as in pismo, so I think it was mostly just me getting used to a different thing.

Mary is coming home from an open house soon. She went on a decluttering binge and offered a pile of things on freecycle, and I let the woman in to take them away. Damn I love freecycle.

Joey is sick. Woke with a fever, feeling nauseous, felt like throwing up (but I don't think he actually did). He has not eaten much all day, been taking tylenol and sleeping. I think he'll be fine, might take a day or so.

The flights here were so easy. I could nto have asked for better - considering I know what the limits are. I will appreciate going nonstop on the way home, though.


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