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Thoughts of the day

I am stuck at the 86th percentile in Free Cell. That is, I win 86% of the games I play. There is a bit of cheating in that number,though, because I often close the computer down without closing the game that is on the computer at the time, and that usually is a game i would not have won.

I went to Froggie's in SLO for a cappuccino today, after having lunch with the Pismo gang in Avila Beach. Froggie's is a home-grown yogurt place that also offers espresso coffees and various other items, like pretzels and scones and wraps. Two things bugged me about today's purchase. The guy, obviously new, checked a reference sheet to see that a large cappuccino comes in a smallish cup. I said fine, and I said "lots of foam". What I got was a milk-saturated espresso with a teaspoon of foam on top, and the drink was boiling hot, way too hot. That's one. The other was that they take the order, then run off to make it, and only then tot up the total. So I have to stand there at the counter for however long it takes and then pay for it when it's made. It's a stupid way to operate. I could be sitting down and several others could have placed orders by then. It isn't as if they don't have other employees.

So what bugged me is that they don't train the employees to make good coffee drinks. It's haphazard as can be and it's pure luck to get one that is made correctly. It is only because on rare occasions I have actually gotten a good one that I sometimes come back and try again. I should not bother.

And the way we have to wait to pay. It's a stupid way to run one of these businesses and I don't understand why they do it that way. Why after being in business for several years they still do it that way. I suspect they stay in business because the yogurt is good. Something like that. I see a lot of people in there after school or on weekends, getting yogurt.

While I am being cranky, I'll add one more. I am reading a book I got for free from a friend of Mary's. I don't mind getting books for free. I love that part. But the book is so dumb and it is written by a person described on the cover as "one of science fiction's best writers". I am no science fiction fan and wouldn't be reading it if it had not been given to me,and so far, almost half-way through,there is no science fiction in it, that I can tell. Just an effort to appear smart and funny that isn't working. Mysterious, this.

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