Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

I volunteered at a rummage sale for Pacific Wildlife Care today, for three hours. I didn't do much, just priced things, using masking tape and a pen. And I moved a few things together so they were with their own kind. It was a huge sale. There were a lot of volunteers, and I talked to a few of them. I met  the woman who got me into this, the woman with the raccoons, and I met a few others.

I wore my Best Friends T-shirt and I pinned a wooden brown spider on it, a model of the real  thing. One fellow volunteer saw it and said "I love spiders!". This is what I live for, sometimes, to be with people who will say something like this, instead of "ew!".

There was talk of raccoons and possums (raccoons are social animals, possums are not, but possums are friendly if you get to know them) and birds and dealing with husbands. I didn't see any male volunteers.

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