Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Islay Hill

I decided to go on a hike today, instead of swimming. It seemed like a reward, in a way, not sure for what. So late this afternoon I hiked up Islay Hill. This isn't a tough hike but it's fairly steep and slippery. It's the reason I bought a hiking stick.

It might not be a tough hike as hikes go - and I am sure the runner who hit the top right about the same time I did would agree with that - but for me it was tough enough. It took me over 45 minutes up and over 45 minutes down,  too. I had the hill to myself almost all the way up. That runner came rushing up just at the end, and he felt the need to say encouraging words to me. The old lady with what could be a cane, huffing her way up the last bit. He had the grace to not stay long, but instead race back down again, leaving me alone on the top. Which is what I wanted.

I met two other pairs of hikers on the way down, both adult and child couples. Not a big day for that trail. I have been on it when it's been like a freeway. Maybe its newness has worn off or maybe it's mostly runners...I don't know. Maybe I just went at a time and on a day when others had other things to do.

I feel good now. I did it and although my knee didn't like it it also didn't go into impossible pain.

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