Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Bob (the_fantum) may be right. This cable situation may reach an end point when it doesn't work at all. In which case Paul will likely shrug helplessly and blame something or other, while I pick up the phone. Meaning Paul will never make a decision, except to not make a decision. What's more likely, though, is that it will never quite die. It's likely a bad connection or bad wire somewhere and so it works part of the time and will continue to work part of the time for longer than it takes for me to replace this house and end the question (new cable connection at that point). The one suspicious line that was not checked when the cable guy was here seems the likely candidate. I asked him about the line and he said it looked fine from where he stood and to test it would take a bit of work. Would it really?

If the line has "leaks" how would they manifest themselves? Would it be possible to recharge the connection so it is at the level it should be for a full day and then go back to where it was? What do these symptoms mean?

One thing I have discovered about a lot of repair people is that they learn to do a lot of things by rote rather than by logic. Many times I have seen them make "repairs" that didn't address the problem as represented by the symptoms. My brother, who was an excellent mechanic, told me that when he wants to fix something he imagines himself to be the part, and asks himself why he would do what that part is doing. Makes sense to me, but I don't think repair people learn how to work things out this way. That is, a lot of people get into repair work who aren't particularly gifted at it.

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