Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

One of the things Oliver Sacks mentions in his book on migraines is how extra-good we feel when we are over one. I woke fuzzy-headed and having almost-a-migraine today. I swam, felt like it was going to turn into a headache, took ibuprofen (couldn't remember where I put other meds), and now I am starting to feel whole again. Not the full thing yet but it's possible I will get that extra-good feeling.

I've been having a couple of glasses of red wine lately, in the evenings. I seem to be getting to a sensitive point in my head right now, so I had better lay off for a little while.

Another thing Sacks mentions is that the so-called "trigger foods" don't always cause headaches. Your body has to be at a stage where it is ready to invite one in for those foods to have the effect of kicking in  the headache. They do not by themselves cause headaches. I seem to be at that stage,  which is why I need to back off.

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