Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner

Again I am  feeling oh so lucky. It's true that Elaine and Ed brought this on themselves but there really isn't a simple way to move to New York and have it all be tidy and easy.

They flew there for a few days and found a tiny apartment to rent. They have to fork over considerable cash to get in. There is no way they can say "oh, maybe you could hold it a month and not charge us?". They got it, they have to get into it. They have about a week.

A week to pack up their present home, give away what they aren't taking (considerable, needless to say), paint the walls back to the boring apartment white they were, and get out. I cannot imagine doing this so quickly myself. But they are young! Young and excited, eyes brimming with the sights, minds brimming with the possibilities.

Although I have wasted much of my life I can't really imagine being that young again.

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