Judith Lautner (judith) wrote,
Judith Lautner


I gave away a literature sorter today. I had used it to store various items for the foundation and the chorale and my other office stuff. But I am not going to take it with me when I move into my new place. Fresh start.

The person who took it came by today with her husband and children. They live in California Valley, and were in a car that was already stuffed. I talked to them briefly, found out that she is going to use the literature sorter for scrapbooking supplies. "Perfect," I said. Her husband said that she has a whole trailer on their property full of scrapbooking supplies, so full nobody can get in it.

I thought about that later, as I eyed a drawer full of candle-making supplies that is sitting in my living room.

I am not going to become Martha Stewart or one of those homey people on HGTV, making little crafts. I got to thinking about all that scrapbook stuff. Where do the scrapbooks go when you are done with them? How many can you make? And yes, I could make candles and give them away but...oh lord, save me from such temptations ever again. Those supplies are going away. I will probably offer them on freecycle. I suspect there are a lot of candle makers out there.

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