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Sinus headache today. But I am handling it. I took some decongestant and some allergy meds and it isn't too bad.

This is the big car show weekend in Pismo Beach. I had forgotten when I headed there to swim, got caught up in taking a longer route because mine was shut off. I thought I might take some car pictures after swimming but I knew I didn't want to hunt for a parking space and wander around for that. The cars I have seen over the past few days have been fabulous, though. I took what I thought would be quite the long way out of Pismo  after swimming - down Dolliver. But it wasn't bad at all. Which reminded me that one of the reasons people must like this car show is that it just isn't that terrible getting in and out, you don't have to drive through tons of congestion to get there. Much nicer than it would be in a larger city.

So after hitting Grover Beach I headed up Grand and once again out along the road to Lopez,  but this time I went to Biddle Park instead.There were a few fathers' day picnics going on but not much really, and when I parked to poke around with my camera I couldn't even hear anyone from those sites. That park is bigger than I remembered.  I got some shots I feel  pretty good about, and got a few more on my way home from  there a bit later. I am rapidly filling up the little remaining space on my computer's hard drive. I am glad I took time yesterday to order a large external drive for photos (as well as for backups). That will be great and so necessary.

I don't have a lens brush, of all things. Or I can't find it, really, is what I mean. I think I'll stop into a camera shop downtown for one. And maybe a neutral density filter, if I can find on to fit my 50 mm lens. I feel funny about buying my big purchase online and then picking up the small  stuff at the camera stores.  I do value those stores and haven't worked out how to deal with this need to buy for less. There's also the matter of selection. Obviously a real store can't stock everything that an online store can. Yet they get to pay the rent and the employees and they dispense advice and can be very helpful, so I do want them to stay in business. 


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Jun. 19th, 2006 03:15 am (UTC)
I wanna see!!!

(Hope your headache is gone)

Jun. 19th, 2006 01:41 pm (UTC)
The headache is only a glimmer now. I think I can keep it under control with the allergy stuff. Funny that it didn't bother me all that much to swim with it, mainly because I knew that I was doing what I could for it.

The pictures. I will display some samples from the last few days in a little bit. I hope that I can improve in a lot of areas over time, of course. Many of the pictures I took raised more questions than answers, which I think is a good thing - I didn't get good results and I want to know why.
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