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Survivor V: Signs

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV
First a word or two about Hopeful. We find that Hopeful drinks a lot of espresso.

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She also burns an unusual amount of food.

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Perhaps all that caffeine consumption makes her jumpy and distracted. One evening she made herself a chef salad. She set the food down on the table...

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Then immediately she headed for the refrigerator to make herself another chef salad, this time joined by Phoebe who was making her own meal.

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The Creator, looking over at little Hopeless, who was tired and hungry, couldnt' help but offer the first chef salad to the child.

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It was one of two times when The Creator stepped in and Directed Hopeless to eat. It was difficult to watch her plod hopelessly toward the inevitable, and these two little meals would make little difference to that.

On Monday, The Creator saw that all members of the household had survived, and decided it was time to try a flirt. The Creator noted that three of the adults had become friends: Phoebe, Hopeful, and Matt. Charles Darwin scored very low in everyone's friends list. Perhaps he was spending too much time playing in the bathtub. The first flirt was a "check sim out" that Hopeful did to Phoebe. Their scores were high enough for this little move to lead to...

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...makeout! In spite of this early attraction, though, neither Phoebe nor Hopeful developed a crush on the other. Later in the day, Phoebe wanted to "squeeze" Hopeful, but Hopeful was otherwise occupied and it didn't happen. Perhaps if it had it would have led further. That same day, shortly after the makeout session with Phoebe, Hopeful checked Matt out. She didn't see much there.

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Something must have clicked in Matt,though,  for the next day he serenaded her, and kissed up her arm,  and performed other such acts, and love was born.

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The question for the Creator at this point is, should we let them  breed? That is, make them breed?

In the love department, our resident romance sim, Phoebe, isn't getting any.

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She takes to worrying.

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Look, it isn't as if the others haven't tried to get close to her.

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Most of their efforts are rebuffed. It was only slowly and gradually that Hopeful built a friendship with Phoebe. By the end of the first week, Charles Darwin had risen to about a level 2, which crept up to 12 a few days later. Phoebe isn't the easiest to warm to, although we've all seen how well she cared for the toddler Hopeless.

While the adults were having misgivings about getting into this challenge in the first place, they managed to ignore, with some exceptions, the children they brought along. The travails of both Hopeless and Useless deserve episodes of their own,  which will follow.


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Jan. 25th, 2006 03:29 pm (UTC)
OMG....LOL! Your own soap opera, written and directed by you!
This was fun to read and the graphic shots made it all the better. I think if I bought the sims game I'd be hooked. It does look like a lot of fun to play.
Jan. 25th, 2006 04:41 pm (UTC)
It's the variety of possibilities that keeps us hooked, believe me. This story is different from many others posted in the sims communities because it simply tells what actually happens. Most of the stories are more creative that way! The player manipulates her (usually it's a woman, a young woman) sims to act a certain way, and attributes motives and actions to the sims that aren't actually what is happening in the game. In this story I have let the sims "run wild". I have made sure there is always food in the house and I hired a maid to help keep it clean and I hire a repairperson as needed, and I let the sims get jobs. But what they do then is up to them! After they had lived in this house a week I decided to try an action - a "flirt" and see where it led. They won't flirt autonomously the first time. After that first time, though, you never know what will happen, except that they don't "woohoo" autonomously, ever.

I find that I learn things about what sims will do that I wouldn't otherwise find out because I tend to control them more. Most players control the primary actions of their sims, even tell them when to go to bed and in which bed, for example.
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