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Dull life

Not much happening right now. I spend some time every day on estate stuff. Sometimes very little time, other times a couple of hours. Putting together things to mail is the most satisfying to me, gives me a sense of accomplishment.

I found the probate case online at the Santa Clara superior court web site. Very cool indeed. It seems like I could just refer people to that site to verify the situation. Of course they won't accept that. They want certified papers.

I created a sim the other day who has become my most successful so far. She married a "townie" - a sim that comes with the game that doesn't have a home, just wanders by and can be invited in, or works in some job and comes home with a sim sometimes. Both she and he are "fortune" sims, meaning all they want is to make and spend money. So they do. Just about everything they want is related to these goals. Fortunately, they do care about their children when they have them, and are ambitious for them as well. This couple has had two children so far. One just turned teen and the other just turned toddler, and everything is going rather swimmingly with them too.

These fortune sims push themselves to get ahead, and so I was able to bring her - her name is Lorna Legacy - to her ultimate goal, to the top of the athletic career (she's a "hall-of-famer"). Because this was her lifelong wish she is forever platinum in the mood department now.

I have gotten quite carried away with this family. Last night I went to other neighborhoods and to a particular family that has not been doing so well, and I was unable to improve their fortunes. They just keep going down. I think I may have to separate them so I can work on them more intently on an individual basis. Being with this fam reminded me of how frustrated I sometimes get, wanting to slap them all. I am going to have to ask the game makers for that option. The "Get used to it" option.

In other news. What? I've been on a few hikes lately, but not for the past three days. I did some yard work. I cleaned a bird feeder after paul bought a large bag of good bird seed. I helped mary do some math study for her real estate exam. She's taking the test on August 6 so we need to do more math before then. It doesn't come naturally to her.

I don't care about the supreme court nomination...my main concern, one I don't see addressed, is - is he a good jurist? Does he follow the law? If so, his personal convictions don't mean that much.


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