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I am in Paso Robles, a bit early for my appointment with "my accountant". I am in a coffee place about a block from the office. It's the second nice old-timey coffee house I have found in PR. Stuffed chairs, games, bookshelves with volumes spilling every which way, paintings on the walls, even fake tiffany lamps. People at a table near me are playing chess,and a couple of kids are playing checkers on a large "board" that is actually a cloth, with large checkers.

My cappuccino had bad foam. I asked for a bagel, toasted, no cream cheese, and she gave me the cream cheese anyway. It looks like I can refill my cup with regular coffee, though, a plus.

I've written a few words in my novel. I am planning to round out the work by amplilfying on the two meetings my protaganist had with her two lovers, two primary lovers. I am deeply dissatisfied with their dull meetings and want more.


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Mar. 30th, 2005 09:54 pm (UTC)
i sure like how descriptive you are when writing of your surroundings - a born storyteller you are - !

what is bad foam, please?
Mar. 30th, 2005 10:00 pm (UTC)
Bad foam is that loose stuff that disintegrates as soon as it hits the coffee (or not long after). I asked someone who did "good foam" how he did it and he said he scooped the loose stuff off the top and dumped it and went for the denser, thicker variety underneath. Of course he had to make it nice and thick to begin with.

My daughter worked at Borders for a while (often in the cafe) and she said there is an art to getting it right if you have mediocre machines, but that it is pretty easy with a good machine. So I watch people and I make a point of asking about it. But much of the time they are clueless.

There is a coffee place in town that calls itself "the home of the velvet foam". And that really does describe it.

Is this silly or what? I have many obsessions, I guess.
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