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The trip, continued

Saturday afternoon Steve and Karen and Karol and I worked on packing and on filling trash bags. The first box of trash bags, which Karol bought at a little store in Three Rivers, was so bad the plastic was brittle and thin and it was hard to tear the bags from the roll. The bags tore at the slightest challenge. They were, without a doubt, the worst bags ever made for this purpose, considering they didn't serve the purpose of holding trash at all. I later went further down the hill to a larger store and found some Hefty bags, which did a much better job, although even those had handles that didn't stay where they should sometimes. I think we spent more time on the trash than on the packing, perhaps because it seemed a convenient time to get rid of what we could. During this time, Karey Anne and Kristen were off exploring the property and enjoying what they could of the river, which they seem to love.

That evening when it became too dark to continue we headed back to our motels, to meet a bit later for dinner. When Karol and I got back to our room we discovered that the door still didn't lock. And the coffee maker had not been fixed or replaced. That was it for karol, who stormed off to the manager's office with the coffee maker and insisted on another one plus extra coffee. Which we got! A member of the manager family arrived a little later with a box with another coffee maker in it and we tested it and it worked.

Steve then stopped by to pick us up and we all went for dinner at a pizza place. Not a fantastic dinner but none of us had another idea at the time. Then back to our motels. Karol and I had some wine before retiring. We both thought we'd sleep well.

more later...


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Nov. 15th, 2004 08:35 am (UTC)
Sounds like a fun adventure.
Glad you had a safe trip home. =)
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