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Kathy Smith weight lifting

A bit of a busy day. I volunteered for the local dems, putting together packets for precinct walkers, for two hours after work. Between work and that time, I fit in a 20-minute Kathy Smith weight-lifting workout. One I used to do all the time. I am back at square one, with three- and five-pound weights, using the tens for just one exercise. I didn't do all of the tricep dips or the pushups. I no longer feel any need to push too hard, particularly initially. I will be able to record the changes as I go along, which is my primary motivation. I have felt myself slipping rather rapidly into serious weight gain and lack of exercise and of course is shows up in my moods and my ability to do anything at all.


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Aug. 26th, 2004 05:03 am (UTC)
What a great idea, volunteering with the Democratic Party! I'm thinking about doing the same thing.

Square one is a good place to be, because you're starting! That's the hardest part--getting to the starting block.

As for myself, watching all those beautiful men and women in the Olympics has really helped motivate me, and it's not so much how fit their bodies are; rather, it's their iron will and determination and focus that I find inspirational. Sure, they have talent and the luck of good bodies for their sports. I'm sure many non-competitors do, too. The difference may be the level of motivation. Finally, it's always about motivation.

My sister and I were talking about this yesterday. I told her that I can no longer afford to rely on my general good health. Next year I will be 60. I can't believe it. But I must work with what I have. Starting this morning, and continuing into winter, I'll be walking up to an hour a day (I love walking, but I tend to amble; I must work my way up). I also plan to eat better--I've slid back into bad habits since I retired and am no longer on a rigid work schedule--and the kitchen is RIGHT HERE.
Aug. 26th, 2004 05:52 am (UTC)
There were a lot of us volunteering last night. Someone asked if it were this way for most elections and those who had been active before said no way. Many more volunteers this time! That's the good that Bush has done!

I started this journal in large part to keep track of my fitness routines, years ago! 2001! I worked my way up to a point that I felt good about. I have always had trouble with weight. I have bad arthritic knees, very little flexibility, am not much on coordination, but I got better and felt better. Then I had a relapse. I had an "arthritic flareup". I had never experienced anything like it before. My left leg became an odd sort of stiff and walking became very painful. It was not possible to ease it by more walking. I especially remember going on one of my usual walks, a trek down the railroad track path into town and back, a total of about 4-1/2 miles. The pain got worse and worse. I was hobbling on my way back, in tears.

I finally went to a doctor, who referred me to a specialist. The guy said that it was a "flareup" and that the only way to get over it is to rest. He said at least four months! Not meaning I had to stay in bed but I couldn't do those walks and other activities that were keeping me fit.

By that point exercise had become such a regular habit that I figured this was simply a challenge and I could meet it. I would get through the four months and pick up again.

I did get started again, slowly, after four or more months, when I felt the strange stiffness in my calf was subsiding. Then Other things got in the way, including the moving in of my present "tenant" and the addition of two couches to my living room (my daughter - unexpected moving, gave me the couches, long story). No room for even the simplest videos. I started gaining weight again. And doing little exercise.

I have picked up with walking again, recently completing a six-week "program" that gradually increased my workout. I am back to hiking just once or twice a week. But this type activity is harder now because the arthritis is worse. I am doing my best with it but I have to work in other types of workouts. In other words, much as I love walking I can't rely on it.

I also love doing exercise videos. I have a nice little collection of favorites. So I am moving things around so I can still do these, and figuring out how to get more stuff out of the house!

I know what you mean about the motivation of the Olympic participants. It is impressive. I am a huge fan of Lance Armstrong's, also. I think of such a cyclist as the ultimate athlete, being able to compete day after day, being able to stay on top of his body's health, feeling well, staying strong. It's one thing to pump up for a one-day event. Quite another to go three weeks straight! Holy shit! I also love bicycling, but have no aspirations at pushing myself there either. Just doing it.

We're really close in age! I am 58, January I am 59. I can't believe it either.
Aug. 26th, 2004 06:32 am (UTC)
In spite of your arthritis, you're continuing to walk and hike. (I have enjoyed reading about your walks and adventures, BTW).

The hardest thing for me is my inertia. I find it far too easy to pick up a book these days and settle in.

When I was working, I'd go out every single day after a quick lunch and walk and walk--sometimes while reading a book (I have learned how to walk brisky and read at the same time, using my peripheral vision while holding my book slightly to one side).

There's a nice park at the top of my hill, with a sidewalk that encircles it. I enjoy walking and reading there, because I can also watch the children playing soccer or being swung by their parents. Sometimes there are birthday parties in the shelters, and it's fun to see how they're set up.

There's also a great walking path by the library. This path wanders by willow trees and creeks, even has a pretty bridge to cross. Many people walk there.

Well, enough of this. I'm off to walk.

Thanks for the inspiration! And tonight's Olympics will include springboard semifinals--more inspiration.
Aug. 26th, 2004 06:45 am (UTC)
Springboard! Yes! I can certainly relate to that.

I do the same thing - walk with a book. It's just too tempting. When I pick up the pace and increase the number of days I walk, though, the old flareup comes back. It gets to be too painful to keep up at that pace. At times I feel very sorry for myself, sad that my knees have betrayed me this way, but of course my excess weight has been the main cause of the arthritis. And it was my decision to opt out of a permanent salaried position, with health insurance, so knee replacement surgery is not an option right now.

Hiking, though...more a soul-enriching activity than anything else. I love it when I get heated up, when I can tell I've been working, but the big win is the hike itself. I don't get that from walks on concrete or asphalt around town, much as I like to watch people.

Well, heck, get on out there! I am hoping to be able to cut back further on the work day by next July, maybe even "retire", working very part time. So much else to do...yet, like you, there is the inertia factor.
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