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There is a good chance Elaine won't be making it today. She had two flat tires on highway 15, past Primm, Nevada, yesterday, after leaving late in the afternoon. She called the auto club, which got there about an hour later (no nearby stations), towed her car to Primm, where there are no services that would help. She called Mary, Mary and Joe drove out from LV with jack, jack didn't fit, Elaine doesn't have a jack, so they could not take the tires off. Elaine could have had the auto club replace one tire while they were there, with the donut spare, but it turns out the spare is bad.

So Elaine went back with Mary to LV to sleep. Today it will take several trips to do anything about the car. Buy a jack, bring it there, take off a tire, bring tire and spare to shop, get new tire and spare, bring back...each trip fifty miles...I told her she could make the concert if she leaves by noon, although that would be cutting it very close.

I am thinking about my trek there, scheduled for tomorrow. I will likely go in any case, although I was very much looking forward to having a little time with Elaine first. It would be best if I were packed and ready to go early but that may not happen. I hope to get reasonably ready this morning, because the next rehearsal is at one today, then the concert at seven, and these things tire me out.

Mary got tickets for La Femme through her connections there (mainly Joe's connections), for 10:30 tomorrow night, because she didn't know when we (I) would arrive there. And Elaine is taking a plane Monday night for Reno.

Elaine's flat tires sent her car spinning across highway 15 to the dirt on the side, almost into a power pole. She said her thoughts were: now I'll find out if my air bag actually works. Fortunately, she didn't have to find out. Fortunately, she's alive and her car is whole, other than lacking two good tires.

It took me many years to get reasonably good at maintenance of my car. I understand how it is that Elaine was not looking at her tires regularly (it appears that they left a lot of rubber, seemed to the auto club man that they were overheated and I suspect underinflated, in addition to having run into something), and may have missed that she did not have a jack in her car. Then...Nevada. Fringes. Casinos everywhere. But an auto garage? Where's the profit in that? It just doesn't come up.


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