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There's nothing like success

Literally for years, I offered my services to create a web site for the chorale. I couldn't get a bite. Finally, I figured the best way to make it happen and to be the one to do it was to create it and then offer it to the chorale. So I made a simple page with a nice photo of the chorale in the background, and the upcoming concert info on top, plus links to where tickets could be ordered. I sent an email to the board - or more people, I don't remember - and the next thing I knew I was the web master.

So now I have completely revised it, have loaded the pages, more numerous each time, onto one, then another, and finally a third server, have gotten our own domain name, have added a calendar and pretty much whatever anyone else wanted.

I am hearing that the site is going to be at the center of our publicity focus now. I can't help but feel a trifle bit overwhelmed by the success of it, or rather, the responsibility for keeping up now. It was easier when only a few people were looking and nobody cared as much. And yet I wanted people to make full use of it. I have that chance, I should love it. I sometimes think I love to get a thing going but don't so much love keeping it going. Right now, the chorale site is still very much a work in progress, so I do enjoy making the changes, adding new things, changing format and so on, so I haven't run into boredom yet. I have, however, run into bits of bureaucracy. Hasn't been unmanageable, will be okay if it stays at this level.

The real plus of it all is that I get to try out new things here. There are so many opportunities. If ever I become a web designer for money, it will be good experience.


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Feb. 14th, 2003 01:29 pm (UTC)
Hey, that sounds really good. I'm glad for you.

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