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ten more

I swam ten lengths again today. When I got to the gym I saw so few cars in the lot that I thought I would not have any trouble getting a lane. But I did. Apparently most of those cars were swimmers'. Or so it seemed. There was one person in each lane and usually a lane can hold two, but most of the swimmers were swimming "wide". I went into the last one and asked the woman in it if I could share and she said she'd rather I didn't. She suggested I wait until one of the other swimmers got out, five or ten minutes by her estimate. My lunch hour was ticking away.

I went into a lane a few down from hers and asked the guy there and he said sure. He was the only one in the group who was a good swimmer, and we didn't have any trouble sharing for the short time I was in there. Then someone left a lane and I grabbed that one.

My arms don't feel it this time. Same number of lengths, resting in between, as last week. Interesting. Maybe my form is improving a little, and maybe the little time I spent with weights during the week helped too. Now I want to dig out the coaching book on swimming I have. A book, yes. Better than nothing. I want help with breathing mainly right now.


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Jul. 30th, 2002 04:37 pm (UTC)
I am envious!
I want to swim! Until I get more money flowing around here I am stuck with triple digit heat! No air conditioner! I am ready to find an old kid's wading pool!!!

But seriously, I love swimming!!! I always dreamed I was a mermaid. I wanted so to grow gills so I could stay underwater forever. It was so quiet and peaceful!

I was on the swim team and took lifesaving in 7th grade, but I came down with a horrid ear infection that took me out of the water for the rest of the summer. I have had a lot of trouble with swimmer's ear ever since. I use the drops even after a shower but there are times that even that doesn't work. The ear plugs irrate my outer ear, even that waxy stuff. Even still, when someone says, "Let's go swimming..." I'm there, overweight, though I am, I know whales can swim almost as well as I can!

But a book?! What is it? Even if I can't get in the water, I would like to keep increasing my technique!

Sorry I haven't been more active online. I actually started working on my book and my artwork! So I come online to READ ONLY MAIL (and LIVEJOURNAL). If I allow myself to spend much time online I forget to get offline and start working on my REAL stuff! :)

Is the knee getting better?

In answer to the g&c-sulfates comment you made (lazy me... putting it all in one topic!) I did finally learn that they were made of chicken cartiledge or something and I did try a vege version that worked almost as well, but when I needed serious help, I went ahead and took the real thing and spoke a prayer to the friend that gave up life for my joints. There are somethings in my vege nature I can't seem to give up. Leather shoes. Man has not invented as good a shoe that doesn't stink! Or lasts as long! And cheese, yogurt, and that occasional egg.

Back to swimming... cause I feel cooler just talking about it. Have you done surfing, deep sea diving (scuba) or do you like to practice diving techniques? I so want to learn to surf. I would LOVE to go scuba diving! I was getting lessons at one time but never got out into the ocean. The person who was teaching me, moved away. :( Haven't had the money to pursue it since.

Look out... I'm gonna splash! Duck!


Hope you are doing ok!
Jul. 30th, 2002 04:59 pm (UTC)
Re: I am envious!
So nice to hear from you, Dar. I had been wondering where you'd got to. You're doing the right thing, I'm sure of that.

I am no great shakes as a swimmer, which must be obvious from the short distance I am swimming. But I was on a masters swim team about ten years ago - it doesn't seem that long but I'm sure it is - and I did learn some things there. Because I started so late in life (I had never done much with swimming before then) I never did learn the butterfly. But I did get better at the three other primary strokes. You must be a much better swimmer than I. Couldn't be worse, believe me.

The book is called "Swimming for Total Fitness", by Jane Katz with Nancy P. Bruning. It's a training book for anyone who wants to swim better or stay on top.

I'd like to know what the non-animal equivalent of glucosamine or chondroitan is. The doc told me these supplements come from shark - not shellfish. I know what you mean about sometimes letting yourself be a part of the animal abuse or deaths. I drink milk, knowing how dairies treat cows, and I eat eggs, usually cage- and hormone-free but still I know this means overcrowding, not great conditions. It's a matter of convenience to me, and that's not a great reason. I was considering using the gluc/chon combo when I thought they were made of shellfish, because shellfish don't have nerves, as I recall. Don't feel pain. I'd have to check on that, though.

However, I've been doing some reading on arthritis and it looks like dairy products may be contributors to inflammation. So I am going to use up what I have in my fridge now and then cut them out, see if it helps. I know I don't need them and will find inventive substitutes.

My knee is very very gradually improving. I slept pretty well last night, didn't have the impossible discomfort in the middle of the night. We're not there yet but there's some kind of hope. I am so impatient about it, though. I'm encouraged that I can swim without after-effects and am starting to get my exercise hope back.

I have never surfed or scuba-dived. Surfing really requires balance and good knees, unfortunately. I don't see that in my future. A shame, considering how close I am to the ocean. I might enjoy scuba diving, probably would, but would need the training.

Thanks for checking in. I've been very lonely lately and it made me feel good.
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