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Today mary and I took Joey to the doctor. Yesterday he jumped off a curb and hurt his leg. We didn't think it was broken or sprained but he said he couldn't walk. Joe picked him up later and we all thought Joey would feel better later and if he didn't I thought Joe would take him to the doc. But he didn't. And Joey was awake crying all night, at his other grandmother's house.\

So it was left to Mary to deal with it. We picked up Joey and brought him to the urgent care center and after two hours discovered there was no break or other abnormality, that it is probably strained or over-extended. Take some tylenol, go to your regular pediatrician if it doesn't improve.

Then we stopped to grab food and because we were so hungry I went for the closest place that was not fast food and got sandwiches. The bill was, including a two buck tip, over thirty three dollars. I didn't intend to spend like this on this trip. Things go out of my control when I am here. Or, more correctly, I don't manage things. They manage me.

We're back now, later and poorer. Party is at six. Joey is still not walking. The food was thrown together sloppily, made me really pissed. You pay that much for a sandwich at least you can get a toothpick keeping it together. Better yet, wrap it in plastic, don't just throw it in a styrofoam box.

Ah well, but we are okay. It's all going to be fine. I am taking deep breaths. Mary is about to conk out - because of another single mom phenomenon...symptom...trait...she had last night off, no Joey, so she took off and went to play pool with a friend until three in the morning. I understand it. A desperate need to take advantage of the time.

I need a nap too. My knee is just not feeling any better. It has many times of extreme pain and I am getting worn down by it.


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