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movie going

I just saw Insomnia. I will write more about it later. Definitely not for everyone. In fact, I'd predict it crashing at the box office after people start telling their friends. I don't know that I'd say I actually liked it...but more later!

I am in an internet cafe downtown. Thought maybe I'd have lunch, couldn't decide what, went for a mocha and time on the computer instead. I may stop to get something for Ivah while I am here, or may just go with what I have.

It's a beautiful day and there are a lot of people downtown, having lunch, hanging out, going to see movies. Spiderman, Star Wars mostly, I think, although the full crowd at About a Boy indicates that one will continue to draw.

DD used to hate the smell of movie popcorn. I sat in the theater today not only smelling it but also hearing the crunches. And I did find it annoying. I think it's not annoying if you are eating popcorn yourself, but I don't really remember being all that irritated by it at other times when I didn't have any myself. Except at Fantasia 2000, where I felt teh crunching and paper tearing was really disruptive. Several times I felt an urge to get up and get a cup of coffee or something. Not a good sign for the future. I am turning into a different kind of movie-goer, the one who thinks she's watching a video at home.

I feel frustrated. I have yet to speak to anyone, have a conversation in person, this weekend. Only "grande nonfat latte, please" or "One for Insomnia"... I built this particular house and I'm living in it all right. I love being alone yet I love a good conversation too. I want it all, and want to be able to choose when.


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May. 27th, 2002 02:01 pm (UTC)
intelectual conversation
sometimes being alone is great amd soemtimes it is lonely.

i am enjoying it myself except that intelectual conversation is nice to have on occasion and my stuffed teddy bear doesnt make great conversation.
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