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making it at the gym

At the gym this aft, I sat on a bike for twenty minutes, watching people in between the times I checked the stats on the machine. There was one woman there, of indeterminate age, who had a certain approach. She would get on a machine, do a few reps of whatever it was, maybe up to ten or twelve, then sit there for a break. Only her breaks were way longer than anyone else's. She would sit there five or ten minutes, just looking around. And after that often just get up and go somewhere else, to another machine or to wander a bit.

It seemed like several people there had no actual exercise plans. They just happened upon a machine, did a few reps rapidfire, got off, looked around, grabbed another. Seemed random. This woman, though, I couldn't quite figure. I thought maybe she was there really to attract attention, although she didn't tend to chat anyone up. Maybe she wants attention but isn't one to start the conversation, just figures if she is on a machine long enough someone will eventually talk to her.

Cardio folks get on the treadmills, stairsteppers, or bikes with books or magazines and grind away quietly. I wonder if they do anything else. I like the exercycles myself because of the choices of workouts, the adjustability of the bike, the quietness of it. The reasons the gym bikes are better than home bikes.

Although I will admit I have been tempted to look more closely at Bowflex. This thing actually is good, is highly rated by muscle magazines, for those who are sufficiently motivated to do the moves correctly. Not now but if I have to leave the gym I will think about it more.


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