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The $65 sandwich

It all started Sunday. I had an appointment with the salesperson for my new mobile home at eleven. I drove to Nipomo (about 25 miles from home) and we finished up some business. Then, it being lunchtime, I remembered a nice place in Nipomo, called California Fresh, where I could get a good sandwich.

I went there for a "cutting veg" sandwich. Avocado, tomato, cuke, lettuce, cheese, on a multigrain bread. They do a really nice job of it.

Later yesterday I was looking at the avocados I have in my fridge, ripe and ready. I have been eating them every day but there were six of them and I was thinking of ways other than just eating them straight. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I thought about that sandwich. Only I did not have bread, tomato, or cuke. Kinda hard to make that sandwich without those. I thought about getting those things when it was handy to go out.

Today the opportunity came. Someone on Freecycle offered books. Many, many books. I tried to talk myself out of them but thought, hey, I can release all of the ones I take, through bookcrossing. What a nice thing that would be to do. So I found out where the books were and went on over. I hunted through the stacks and filled one box. Decided that I had enough in the car so I would not go through the remaining boxes. One is enough. I put it in the car. I started to drive home. Then I thought of that sandwich.

A market was on the way home. I stopped there. I bought bread, tomatoes, cucumber. I was single-minded at first. Then I got milk, cheese, yogurt, vinegar, two kinds of veggie burgers, wine, a veggie burrito, a trip through the salad bar....all adding up to about $65.

When I got home I ate the salad.



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